Wifi Killer APP Free Download | Wifi Kill Pro APK & Smart WiFi (Safe)

WiFi Killer APP Free Download

wifi killer app free download

WiFi Killer APP Free Download is available on our site. WiFi is one of the best and popular internet network among us. Nowadays a place without WiFi is hard can be found. The advantages of WiFi Network brings the usage of this system at the highest than the other networks. But loosing of data in a shared WiFi zone or stealing data from WiFi network is now common. To prevent this, we can use WiFi Killer APP free download.


There are many WiFi Killer APPs to prevent and to help you with this issue.  These apps that can cut off or disable WiFi anytime that you want. These WiFi Killer APK can be downloaded from many websites. But you can also be fooled and download the false APP and get trouble. So, you need to know first what is the best WiFi Killer APP for Android.

Last week I had searched on Google Play Store and found some apps named as WiFi Killer APK, WifiKill Pro APK, etc. But I have installed, and check all these apps & most of them are fake. But I also find some useful apps that can help to disable WiFi or prevent data loss via WiFi. Sometimes it is also needed to disable your WiFi when you are driving, and then the apps may help you lot.

WiFi Killer APK Download:

Wifi killer apk download is not available on Google Play Store. So, you need to download and install the wifi killer apk from other 3rd party sources. Be alert! , when you are selecting the apk. We do provide the most useful and popular wifi killer app named “WifiKill Pro APK.” It has many versatile features and exclusive functions to apply. It can also as useful as wifikill app. It can cut others wifi as well as control any devices connected to a shared wifi network. Another wifi killer app is the “Smart Wifi Kill” which is also very useful. You can alter the secure and unsecured connections to pick and connect. Try these apps from below –

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WifiKill Pro APK

WifiKill Pro APK is one of the most advanced and useful apps for controlling your wifi network. To prevent stealing of data network in any wifi internet network system we use this. WifiKill Pro APK can cut any WiFi connection of any user in a shared WiFi network that you are sharing!

wifi killer

Wifi Kill can also have the information about other users on the same network. Anyone can also see the connections speed and data consuming rate of the other user using WifiKill PRO APK. You need a rooted device to run WifiKill Pro APK on your Android. There is also unroot version of WifiKill App which is not actually usable!

Download WifiKill Pro APK


Smart WiFi Kill

Smart WiFi Kill is one of the trusted apps for keeping your privacy more secure. For that, you may try your trusted networks around you. You need to only add your trusted wifi network to the Trusted Network list. And when any of them are available nearby you will be connected. Use ‘any'(Wildcard type) to connect to any network the name only. Or be extremely restrictive and just enable your WiFi when a network with the same name AND mac address is nearby.

smart wifi

wifi killer smart wifi

Features of Smart Wifi:

  1. Disables WiFi when driving.
  2. Disables WiFi if no trusted networks are nearby.
  3. Does NOT use GPS to determine if your driving.
  4. Add Trusted Network by name and MAC Address.
  5. Comprehensive logging (e.g., When driving started, WiFi enabled/disabled, etc.).
  6. Notification of quick access and status of device/app.
  7. Battery Saver mode to only scan for networks when the screen is on.
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There are numerous wifi killer apps over the internet. The maximum is not working perfectly, some are also fake and infected. So, It is suggested that to try official website to download these apps.

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