Frequently Asked Questions

Here go the basic and most frequent questions about WifiKill. Try to find your relevant answer from below, or you can also contact us for more query!

Q. I install WifiKill and it is not working, It just shows a blank page.

Make Sure Your Phone is rooted. It will not work if your phone is not rooted. If you can root your device you can check out the page -> How to root My phone


Is there any version for Iphone?

Sorry to say there is no available version of wifikill apk. Though there are almost many fake post available on internet. So don’t hesitate about that. But there are also many useful apps present on internet that help you to control your netws one – wifi killer appork and monitor for iPhone. You can check thi


Does this Support Android 2 or above?

The latest version of Wifikill doesn’t support the Android 2. It only supports Android 4.0 or above and the old version supports minimum  Android 2.1 (Eclair, API 7).


How can I understand my phone won’t support Wifikill?

Just you need to check your phone android version for that. If you don’t know check out the wiki how tutorial.


Does it require any 3rd party apps?

No, No worries about it. You don’t need to configure any third party app to open this one. So Enjoy The interesting app without no limitation.


How to remove another device from my wifi network/ How To Kick someone from my network?

Check out our How to Page!


After installing wifikill shows Service Stopped (get_gw_info()failed), How can I solved it?

Just Uninstall it, reboot your phone and then again install. I hope it will Work.


Why wifikill unavailable on google play?

It is a hacking app. You can easily see device traffic, website and many other things from your targeted device. So it seems it breaks the rules of google play store.